Day 3 The Campaign Part 1


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We are on the campaign field. We saw many come to Christ. We will edit with exact numbers when they are available. Pastor David preached and Marsha gave her testimony. We are onto day two Viagra of the campaign tomorrow … Continue reading

Day 2 Completion of Travel and Evening Worship

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We were all exhausted and Jonathan did arrive on the 10:25 arrival from Dallas. So we’re all in Mexico City less one bag. Jonathan had a confirmed seat on the next flight to Tuxtla and the other 6 of us were on standby on the same flight. Needless to say we were praying without cessation. The next morning comes, we go through security and they have two seats available. Without asking they confirm Steve and David’s tickets. The 4 of us left had to wait till the plane was boarded. The plane boarded and we were all able to get on and this plane was full, not a single seat available after we took casino en ligne canada our seats. We arrived in Tuxtla and all our baggage included the missing item were waiting for us. We were met at the airport by Armando and Fernando and company. We went to San Cristobal for dinner and headed to Comitan for Worship. Pastor David preached. They provided us Tomales after service. We left to go to our Hotel and we are in our rooms now praising God for all that he has done and will do through this week. Continue to Pray. The devil has been fighting us every step of the way but we are confident that we will win out in our campaign to Comitan for the Glory of Christ.

Day 1 Patience through Travel

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We know that there is always a risk that travel will not go as planned. Departure from Columbus was trouble free. Arrival to Dallas; we learn that Jonathan, who is flying from Lexington to meet us in Dallas, will not be arriving in time to make his connecting flight to Mexico City with us. We depart Dallas and arrive in Mexico City but with casino canadien en ligne delay after delay (lost baggage, broken escalator, slow lines at immigration) in the terminal we also miss our connecting flight to Tuxtla. We are on Standby for a flight tomorrow morning to Tuxtla. Please pray we get to our destination so we can get to work and that our missing bag and missing body all arrive safe. We are trusting in God’s Devine providence.