Home Safe!

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After a long day of travel yesterday, we’re all home safe now. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us financially, prayed for us, and sent comments and messages throughout the week. God truly showed up in many great ways on online casino no deposit this trip, both in the work we did and in our own lives as well. I know we are each looking forward to telling you personally some of the stories of people we encountered throughout the week.

Thanks again!

The Clarks

Mexico City to Columbus: Flight Details

Here are flight details for our trip back to the States today.

Continental Airlines 1089: 12:15pm – 2:32pm
Mexico City, Mexico to Houston, Texas

Continental Airlines 4282: 4:55pm – 8:28pm Buy Cialis
Houston, Texas to Columbus, Ohio
Operated by Continental Express / ExpressJet Airlines

How you can be praying
Pray for safe travel, no delays, and that all baggage will arrive.


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Thursday was our last day to share the gospel, and it was a productive final day. Over the course of the week we reached nearly all the area surrounding where the new church plant will be, visiting hundreds of homes and sharing the gospel with many people. By our final count we had 97 people pray to accept Christ as their savior. Praise God! We faced much spiritual warfare throughout the week and the enemy tried in many ways to hinder us in our work, but God is good and He is powerful. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of what He is doing here.

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Friday we are resting, doing some shopping and sight-seeing, going to the final evening service tonight and saying goodbyes to our translators and others we have worked with throughout the week.

Pray for restoration of our strength and that even more fruit would be had from the evening service tonight.


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Yesterday we saw even more decisions for Christ and our highest attendance yet at the evening service. Please continue to pray for energy and strength, as our feet are growing tired of many days of standing and walking. Also, there have been Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on doors in some of the same areas that we are. Pray that the people we visit will still be willing to open their door and hear the truth we have to share, and that they will not be confused by hearing messages spread by others.

Kevin sharing his testimony on Tuesday night

Dave having some fun with the balloons we gave away to the kids

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We visited a school operated by Pastor Fernando's church. Their curriculum is in English so the children learn another language while also learning their subjects

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Kevin prefers Pepsi, but has been drinking Coke all week as it's more available here. What should pull up in front of the site yesterday, but a Pepsi truck?

Dave sharing his testimony on Wednesday night

Playing games with the kids during the evening service



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Today was awesome. We saw many more come to know Christ as we shared throughout the morning and afternoon, and visited some of those who prayed with us yesterday to follow-up and re-affirm their decision. I am not sure of the tally of decisions at this point, and will try to post a final number at the end of the week. But it’s not about the numbers anyway. 🙂

Monday through Thursday this week all follow the same format, which I’ll explain so you know what we’re doing throughout the day.

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In the morning we leave our hotel at 7:45am to join the rest of the team (translators and others from the church) for breakfast. After breakfast we gather at “the site,” which is simply the place where we meet before going out and where the evening services are held. Each team ensures they have the proper supplies (Bibles, worksheets, paperwork) before going out to the area of the community they’ve been assigned to.

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Each team has either a street, collection of streets, or group of apartment buildings they’re assigned to. They will walk from door-to-door throughout their area, knocking on doors and evangelizing to the people they meet. It is also common to share with anyone who is simply outside on the street. We share the gospel of Jesus and invite each person to that evening’s service. Part of this time is also spent returning to visit those who we’ve prayed with to accept Jesus and going through some worksheets to confirm what we talked with them about and help them understand more about their relationship with Jesus.

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Each team consists of one of us Americans, a translator, and a person from the church. Typically we and the translator will talk with the people we meet, while the person from the church will pray, collect information, and/or be introduced to whomever we meet so they’ll have a familiar face from the community.

We meet back at the site at 12:30pm and head to lunch. After lunch we Americans head back to our hotel to rest for about an hour to an hour and a half. We then meet everyone back at the site and do more door-to-door from 4-6pm.

At 6pm we’ll go to dinner, then return for that evening’s service at 7pm. Typically one of us shares a testimony during the service and the gospel is shared, along with other things like dramas and music. After the service we’ll return to the hotel by around 10:00pm to turn in for the night. By that time, our feet are very tired. 🙂

How you can be praying
Pray for strength and energy throughout the next few days. Also pray against work of the enemy, as he does not want to give up territory without a fight. Continue to pray for the people we’ll meet and have already met, for open hearts and understanding at what we are sharing with them.

Photos from Sunday & Monday

Just a few photos to go along with today and yesterday’s events.

The team at church yesterday morning - some of us not dressed for the occasion due to our then-missing luggage

Pastor David received what he deemed a "John Wayne hat" from a man he led to the Lord today

Marsha sharing her testimony at Monday evening's service





Monday afternoon

Just have a minute to post a quick update. Internet is a bit flaky at our hotel and doesn’t work half the time, so I’m not sure how often updates will come.

Our missing baggage did arrive yesterday afternoon, which was a huge relief.

Last night everyone involved in this week’s work sat down and shared how they came to be a part of it and what God was speaking to them about it. It was a hugely encouraging time and got us all excited to begin work in the neighborhood.

This morning we had our first time of evangelism and saw great results. I’m not sure of the final count but I know there were at least ten who prayed to receive Christ. We are resting some this afternoon and then going back out from 4-6pm to talk more with those who made decisions and continue sharing Jesus throughout the area.

Please keep praying for those we meet, for open doors and open hearts. Also pray for those who make decisions, that they will fully understand the decision they make and be willing to be involved in the church to get connected and receive the discipleship they will need.

We have arrived!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have arrived safely to our hotel in Mexico!

Unfortunately, all the luggage for myself, Sarah, and Mom and Dad – whose luggage also contained bibles and other material for the week – didn’t follow us here. It is supposed to be delivered to our hotel tomorrow morning sometime. Please pray that this is the case.

Columbus to Mexico City: Flight Details

Here are our flight details for the trip to Mexico. Two days from now we’ll be on the plane!

United Express 5178: 8:26am – 10:40am
Columbus, Ohio to Houston, Texas

Continental Airlines 1088: 11:53am – 2:25pm
Houston, Texas to Mexico City, Mexico

How you can be praying
Pray for safe travel, no delays, and that all baggage will arrive!

And just for fun, a comic I found online...

Intro & Trip Details

Hey everyone! This is Josh Clark, and I’ll be keeping you up to date while we travel on this particular trip to Mexico. This February 4-11, a team of eight of us will be traveling to Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico. Those of us going are:

Pastor David Boggs

Kevin & Marsha Jones

Dave Barrick

Steve & Nannette Clark (my parents)

Josh & Sarah Clark (my wife and I)

Part of the community where we'll be working

It has been common for my parents to take a mission trip to Mexico twice a year for many years now. Last July our family travelled to Jiutepec to put on a Vacation Bible School and basketball camp for kids in a certain community (read more at the blog for that trip). While there we learned that there are no churches nearby. Since most of the inhabitants of the area do not have cars, if there isn’t a church within walking distance, they don’t go.

And therein lies the goal for this trip: to share Jesus with the people of that community and plant a church!

We’ll be working with Pastor Fernando of a church in another area, who we worked with last July. Each day Monday through Thursday we’ll be going door to door, sharing Jesus with the people we meet and inviting them to a service we’ll have each evening. Friday we’ll have a free day to rest up and do some sight-seeing, then we’ll return to the US on Saturday.

We’re all getting excited and can’t wait to share with you what God does!

How you can be praying

Satan will attempt to discourage and attack each of us this week as we prepare to leave. Pray against this and thank God for what He is about to do. Pray for the people we will meet next week, that doors and hearts will be open.