Photos: Tuesday Through Thursday

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The internet is back up and working so here’s a short update with photos to summarize the past few days. Our activities have been going great and we have seen tremendous fruit from our week here so far. Hopefully I’ll find more time to write at length this weekend.

Sort of like Where’s Waldo – find the five Clarks and one Folzenlogen in this photo

Preparing for a relay race at basketball camp

Singing a song in the morning activities

Dad sharing his testimony with the older teenage kids

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Our team with a special family we came to love this week. The girl on the far left is Natalia, mentioned in Monday’s post, along with her two siblings (center) and mother.

Each of the past several trips my parents’ dentist has donated hundreds of toothbrushes and toothpaste for us to hand out to the children

Pastor Fernando’s wife Flor sharing the gospel with several women who came to watch their children play

Craft time

A favorite dessert we first sampled in February, baked fresh by a member of the church. David Boggs, we thought of you, and how jealous you would be

Our daily afternoon ritual: a stop at the convenience mart Oxxo to grab some cold drinks before basketball camp

Playing around before basketball camp begins

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I personally have never been drawn to sports, or athletic in nature. Each trip to Mexico I have watched my brothers lead the afternoon basketball camps, and am always more than happy to take a backseat at those events. But today when Jonathan wasn’t feeling very well, I was given the whistle to take command. I summoned its audible powers and felt myself become transformed. I ran drills. I led exercises. I was . . . a sports coach.

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For the end of basketball camp, Jonathan awarded prizes to the top players of the week. To receive a pair of Nike tennis shoes he chose a young boy whose own shoes were falling apart. He was extremely happy.


A Short Update

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Hey everyone, just wanted to post a quick update from a cell phone. Our Internet was knocked out last night from some storms, so it isn’t possible to keep the blog updated at the moment. We are all doing well make money forex and our activities have been going great. We had 110 kids show up on Tuesday, and around 130 today! Please keep praying for us and as the week goes on we will post again if possible. Thanks for your support!


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Monday was a great start to the week. In our morning activities we had 65 kids show up, which is an awesome turn out for the first day. We separated them into teams, played a few games, then sat them down to tell them the story of Jesus coming to save the world. After that we taught them a memory verse, then played a game to help them memorize it. At the end of the morning they made a craft, got a snack, and then we just played with them until we had to leave.

We used face paint to separate the kids into teams

Each team of kids passed these pieces from one to the next before forming the completed memory verse for the day together.

A completed craft

Jonathan playing a game with the kids

Reciting memory verses

In the afternoon Jonathan led a basketball camp with the kids, doing exercises, relay races and short games.

Doing warm-up exercises with the kids at basketball camp

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In the evening a projector was set up and the movie Courageous was played for the adults. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great movie that focuses on men challenged to be good husbands and fathers. Due to the fact that it was played in Spanish and most of us had seen it already, to be honest we all had slightly negative attitudes about having to go to the evening service at all, not knowing what good we could do there.

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When we arrived we had the opportunity to play with the kids, and Dad (Steve) got to talk and minister more to Juan, the owner of Levitra Online the facility who we’ve talked with in the past. Then, after the movie was over, Mom (Nannette) started talking to an 11-year-old girl, Natalia, who was standing nearby and was crying. With the help of Gabby, one of our translators, she asked Natalia why she was crying. Natalia said she was crying because of the end of the movie, because she doesn’t have a father. Mom sat down with her and said that she doesn’t have a father either (he passed away many years ago), and explained how she found peace with her heavenly Father after she met Jesus. While this was going on, Natalia’s mother had walked over to hear the conversation. After talking a little further, Mom got to pray with both of them to receive Jesus as their Savior.

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We all felt a bit convicted by our earlier attitudes when the night was over. Sometimes God is at work in ways we may not expect, and the best thing we can do is remain open to the possibility that He wants to use us, regardless of what our perspective is on the situation. He is infinitely good, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing.

Mom praying with Natalia and her mother

How you can be praying

  • Continue to pray for Juan, the owner of the facility we rent for our activities. He knows what he needs to do to accept Jesus, he just feels that there are things he must do first.
  • Pray that we would have the opportunity to share Jesus with even more children and families this week, and that God would be softening their hearts for the message we bring
  • Pray for health and strength for us all



Yesterday was a day of preparation. We began by attending church in the morning, where we got to see a lot of old friends from past trips.

We spent the afternoon preparing crafts and supplies for the week.

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Then in the early evening we went with many of the Buy Cialis locals to pass out flyers inviting the surrounding community to our activities this week. The church has been passing out invitations already, and we just finished doing a few neighborhoods that were left.

Be praying for our activities this week and the people we’ll meet! I’ll post more soon.

Heading to MEX: Flight Details

Tomorrow morning we’ll all be boarding planes headed to Mexico! We are really getting excited about the trip. Here are our flight details. Please pray for safe travel, no delays and that all baggage will arrive too!

My parents, Jonathan and Amanda are flying out of Columbus:

United Airlines Pay Day Loans 4136: 11:21am – 1:01pm
Columbus, Ohio to Houston, Texas

United Airlines 1090: 2:22pm – 4:40pm
Houston, Texas to Mexico City, Mexico

Sarah and I are flying out of Lexington:

Delta Airlines 4884: 8:45am – 10:04am
Lexington, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia

Delta Airlines 365: 12:12pm – 2:33pm
Atlanta, Georgia to Mexico City, Mexico

Heading Back to Mexico!

Hey everyone! Josh Clark here again to keep you updated on our latest trip to Mexico.

Back in February my wife Sarah and I went on a trip to Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico with a team of people from my parent’s church. My parents, Steve & Nannette Clark, led the trip as we planted a church in Jiutepec and shared Jesus with the community. You can read more about that trip here.

Note that all posts prior to this one belong to the trip from February.

This time around we’re returning with my parents, my youngest brother Jonathan Electronic Cigarette and his girlfriend Amanda. My brother Matthew and his wife Abi recently had a beautiful baby girl, so they can’t make it on this trip. We’ll be doing various activities throughout the week for kids and adults to try to reach more of the community and draw them in to the new church. We’re also hoping for opportunities to try to reach out again to some of the people we met and shared Jesus with back in February.

We’ll be leaving this Saturday, July 14th and returning the following Saturday the 21st. Check back later for updates!